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New Patients

Non-urgent advice: Please note

At present our patient list is restricted and we are only registering 10 patients per week.

Please telephone the practice 3 working days after submission of your forms to ensure your registration has been successful. We open our registrations at 10am on a Tuesday Morning.


Please ensure you live within our practice area by checking the map within the Documents section of this website and complete both forms within the Registration Pack also within this section. Registration documents are also available from the reception desk, which you would need to complete, or have someone complete on your behalf. You can also email your registration document, registration questionnaire and proof of identification (if available) to

Non-urgent advice: Please note

Sending unencrypted documents is unsafe – you do so at your own risk.

This email address is only for sending forms, and if you need to contact us, please telephone the practice.

All patients who register must provide proof of identity. 

This can take the form of a driver’s licence, passport or birth certificate.  If you do not have any of these, please bring a utility bill, council tax book, lease, rent book etc, which must show your own name. If you have a NHS medical card please also bring this with you.  When the forms are completed please return them to reception and you will then be invited to see the Practice Nurse for a new patient medical review. 

Patients are registered with the Practice, not an individual doctor.  If you prefer a particular type of doctor e.g. female or male, we will do our best to respect your choice.  However, specific doctors may not be immediately available.

If you move out of the practice area, you will need to register with a new practice as soon as you move.

The practice will request the removal of any patient from the practice list who:

  • are aggressive or abusive towards healthcare staff or other patients
  • who damage practice property
  • continue to fail to attend appointments despite two warning letters
  • move out of the area, but refuses to register at another practice

Non-urgent advice: If you are unable to register at this practice

Please contact NHS Inform helpline on 0800 22 44 88, or visit the NHS Inform website:

You will be able to see GP practices who cover your area by selecting GP practices from the drop down list in the purple box on the right hand side and enter your postcode. 

You may not always be able to register with the GP practice closest to your home.